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The Corner Turrets:

I've become quite adept at handling the very brittle diffuser panel material. When I first began it seemed almost impossible to cut without mishap but now I have a feel for how much stress the individual cell walls can take. Of the original eight square feet of the panel I have about two sq ft left. I am going today to buy another sheet.

These (styrene compatible) panels, custom cut by me, to the various shapes required will figure prominently in my builds from now on as an easy way to add bulk without a lot of weight and material plus the square design makes for very accurate construction.

Now regarding the image below; these will be the internal bracing for the turrets. The first order of business is to cut and sand them to uniform size.


Having cut out the turret frames last night, after sleeping on the problem, today I'll be adding skin to them for strength and preparing the connecting strips to flesh out the turret octagonal walls.


Hopefully more images today...............

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