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Hey, thanks for the comments. I ended up winning in The Relic, though if the game had gone on I would have very likely lost.

This is actually my first time playing squads of 10 instead of 20 and I think I'm going to keep it that way for a couple reasons. First and foremost, morale. 20 man squads take a lot more fire than 10 man squads and as such it was common for me to lose a few models to morale or even the last 3+ models in the unit to morale from a competent shooting army with good line of sight. Another reason is that one model can tie them up entirely from shooting with a charge, forcing either a protracted and stupid combat for the rest of the game or me to fall back with a huge unit and do nothing with them. 10 man squads allow me to fall back with my front rank and still fire with my back rank once the enemy has decided they've had enough and charges me.

I still play them in a block with the Cryptek at the centre, this isn't about moving around and grabbing objectives; that's what everything else in the army is for. The four 10 man squads preformed marvelously in the game and kept more models shooting more often once the enemy closed in (all my enemies seem to close in, I guess I haven't faced a truly shooty army yet).

The Scarabs I agree about, the only tweak I made for this match was upping my particle shredder to a heat ray and dropping a Scarab base, although I think that the particle shredder is a better weapon than the heat ray even against armour after yesterday's game.

Two squads of five Scarabs and a particle shredder on the Stalker it is.

Wraiths have been really tricky to use in units of three for me, this also was my first time playing them as a unit of six. They ran through two Tactical squads and tied up the Knight for more than half the game in a protracted combat thanks to their 3++ saves, though they only ended up taking ~9 wounds off the Knight throughout. With my Heavy Destroyers getting offed in the first turn that was my only real solution to that monstrosity.

Ultimately I think I'm going to do the scarab/shredder swap and play a few more games, but my biggest weakness is high W/T and I'm just not really seeing useful things for Necrons to deal with that without compromising how the list deals with other units. At the end of the game he still had most his wounds on the Knight as well as two Dreadnoughts at full health, a Leviathan and Contemptor. There was no stopping those models, only tying them up in frustrating little knots of Warriors with a Cryptek close by so the units were always bigger than the number of attacks the Dreads had. The weird thing is the thing I would drop is the Doom Scythe...maybe for more Heavy Destroyers? That would give me 70 points to put elsewhere I think and give me two more reliable shots over the randomized death ray.

Crap I just don't want to have to convert more stuff. Maybe I just paint until a Codex comes out.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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