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Default 7th APC current scores.

So, many of you may have noticed my total absence from Heresy for a while.

I am not well. I don't mean I'm dying or anything dramatic like that, but my head is fucked. I have been - and am still - residing in a very dark place at the back of my brain.
Through being either too stubborn or too stupid to admit that I wasn't coping I have utterly destroyed my five-year relationship, and also in the process wiped out the overall total of nearly twenty years of friendship with her.
I have been manipulated and used for large sums of money by a so-called friend during this time who then cut me out of their life the moment I started to wake up and the money stopped, as well as being unwittingly - at the time - used as a jealousy-chip by somebody else as a way to snare back their ex.
That's it in a nutshell. There is far more to it, but it doesn't need posting on here.

I have gone over the threads for the APC, along with the records I keep and the current totals (not including August which will run until the 6th of this month) are;

@Haskanael : 9
@Gunslinger : 8
@oldman : 7
@DaisyDuke : 12
@Shandathe : 9
@Grim zag: 8

Well done to DaisyDuke for already smashing the 10-unit target, and my thanks to Shandathe for keeping this going.


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