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Default 2k Thokt Dynasty

One day, hopefully soon, declaring your Dynasty will have an actual impact on the game. For now it just means I like blue.

I've got a game tomorrow against some slimy Alpha Legion (using Raven Guard tactics) allied with a Questoris Knight Styrix. My army's weakness is dealing with armour so this will be a real test of what I own as an army as well as my ability to prioritize and neutralize targets. This is what I've got, organized into a Battalion Detachment:

*edits in blue


Cryptek - staff of light

Overlord - warscythe, resurrection orb


Triarch Stalker - particle shredder

5x Lychguard squad - hyperphase swords, dispersion shields


10x Immortal squad - gauss blasters

10x Warrior squad

10x Warrior squad

10x Warrior squad

10x Warrior squad

Fast Attack

5x Scarab squad

5x Scarab squad

6x Wraith squad - 3x whip coils

Heavy Support

2x Heavy Destroyers


Doom Scythe

I'm open to any and all strategic suggestions, but the models are all I have. I'm sure there will be a couple other FW Dreadnoughts with 24" range weapons and brutal CC ability on top of the Knight, aside from that I expect power armour infantry.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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