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Default Rust effects (heavy rust) airbrush + some brush

Thought I'd wip up a quick little tutorial of what I've been up to this weekend, its not a 40k minitures its a machien krieger mk44 ammonknight.

Main thought would be that is all using some new paints i was recommended to try "ammo mig jimenez" rust effects (AMMO by Mig Jimenez).

Certainly more needs to be done on this peice but heres what I've got for an idea how to use these paints. Hope it give you all an idea of something interesting to try, with lots of options available.

The paints used in this are (most are from rust effects color set):

● old rust
● dark rust
● medium rust
● light rust
● chipping fluid
● azul blue (this can be substuted for any other acrillic paint)

First step is a decent coat of the "old rust", i used an airbrush and thinner to apply. But all of these paints can be applied with either brush or airbrush apart from the chipping fluid.

Next is a limited spraying of "dark rust"

After that an even more limited spraying of "medium rust" particularly aiming near the edges of the other rust spots made by the "dark rust"

After this its back to the old standard paintbrush, with a mixture of about 2:1 (water to paint) of the "medium rust". This is used as semi transparent splotches to give texture.

And again with a 2:1 mix of the "light rust" and water with a similar technique.

This all basically results in this effect, the following few are of all of these steps but just a close up on the helment/faceplate section.

This next step is optional but as an additional option is to use the chipping fluid to create the effect of rust coming though a top paint layer.

A liberal spray of the chipping fluid over all areas that are intended to be painted over.
The spray itself is a brown in color but turns clear after the next layer of paint is applied then washed off.

For clarification the "chipping fluid" is let to dry, coat of color which is intended to be removed (in this case the blue) is applied in a standard decent coat.

Then brush with water is used to agitate the surface and activate the "chipping fluid" this will cause parts which are agitated to shead the top paint (in this case the blue) and create the effect.

And thats about it!

The amount of paint removed by the chipping fluid depends of amount of water, time that the chipping fluid had to dry and amount of agitation. This can take a bit to get a handle on but experimentation and experience are a great help.

Hope this helps, any questions?

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