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Now this raises an interesting point regarding Forgeworld discrimination. To date there are five resin Titans in the Imperium of Man; Mars and Lucius. Two in Chaos (also men technically) I myself am waiting for a Chaos Warlord before I plunk down my hard earned shekels. One rather fey Eldar Titan Warhound equivalent and a Ork Gargant, also Warhound size, and a rather blandly designed Necron Titan which is more properly a tank. Why is FW ignoring the proponents of other Galactic races whilst doting on the armies of the backwater Third Rock from the Sun? I claim Galactic racial bias, shame on you FW.

From a selfish standpoint I want an interesting 'Emperor' equivalent for one of the other interstellar races to model because where do I go from here after I finish this Titan. And it has to be ambulatory.

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