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Aside from the fact that it lifts plasma strength, it outright doubles damage, so it's fantastic against multi-wound models (Primaris marines, Terminators, vehicles). If these happen to improve your odds of killing things, it may well be worth it. Plasma AP means wounds are likely to STICK.

Example 1: Devastator Squad, 4 Plasma Cannons. For 'normal' plasma strength goes from 7 to 8... so wounds T4 on 2+ instead of 3+, and it improves your odds on T7/8 vehicles as well. Potential damage with average number of shots goes from 8 (4 x 2 x 1) to 16 (4 x 2 x 2).
Example 2: A squad of 10 Hellblasters can potentially pump out a rather fantastic 40 wounds a turn instead of 20.

As you only blow yourself up on a 1 (unless you're taking negative To Hit modifiers - and if you do, DON'T supercharge), you can mitigate the risk with various leaders and abilities that allow rerolls of Hit rolls of 1, such as the Space Marine Captain or Astra Militarum "Take Aim!" order. Given that missing plasma is a giant waste, these are useful enough even when you are NOT supercharging, so this isn't much of a cost.

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