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Wordbearers Omnibus - 7/10

A solid read of an underrated legion to be honest, but it can be a little ham-fisted and rushed at some points. The sub stories range from fascinating (such as a Captured PDF becoming a Chaos Cultist) to lacklustre (Marine fights bad people and doesn't afraid of anything). The characters range from quite interesting (The Coryphas terminator captain who hates his new boss) to Saturday morning cartoon evil (Rarrr I'm Burias the angry possessed raarrr). If you like Chaos this is a must read and Reynolds does a good job of keeping to source material and interesting fight scenes.

Liber Chaotica - 9/10

Now out of date and redundant in wake of Age of Sigmar, this book is none-the-less a fantastic look into the Chaos forces of the Old World. Written from the perspective of an anthropologist / researcher who explores the various tribes and powers / history of chaos, it's filled with great artwork, interesting commentaries and provides an "unlike-anything I've seen elsewhere" look into the Lore. The biggest and most frustrating part of the book though is the font used as the hand-writing of the 'Author' on various subjects and letters. Even if you can read cursive, you'll find yourself struggling on some of the words because the text is just - well difficult to read.

A real gem if you can get your hands on a copy for cheap.

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