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Thanks for the reply.

Once again serendipity:

rears it's head. The "Hanging Butresses have structures that I suppose reinforce the arches and perhaps act as drains or down spouts. A large central one and two secondary on the wings. Inspecting my CoD bitz for inspiration I found the bas-relief tech priests on either side of the gothic arch windows made ideal. accents for these structures.


I used a razor saw to fine cut the figures from the window frames by first cutting off the square beam, then the footing course, finally the figures from the remainder. I discarded the the excess of the top and sanded the back side smooth. I then glued the figure to 3/8th inch square tubing (9.5 MM)


I still haven't decided how long to make these so for now I'll just make all four and adjust the length at another time after I make the inverted square spires.

But as you can see, blind luck has favored The Blackadder. :D

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