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Finely Divided Aluminum Powder:

Once again I am defying conventional wisdom and going my own way. I've seen many Belisarius Cawls on line and all with painted gun metal appurtenances and they seem to lack the depth I am seeking.

Below are my Tech Priest and Bel.. Cawl in their base painted stage using Vallejo Model Air Base Grey #71 .097 and a red of my own concoction of Model Air Signal Red #71 .070 and Game Color Royal Purple #16 which I mixed myself a drop at a time but somewhere around a ten to one ration.


Only later I discovered I had Mephiston Red in my inventory. Gah!

Note if you will the diminutive size of this $41 dollar model and marvel at how little your money is actually worth.


Back to the model; I applied finely divided aluminum powder to the highly ornamented staff with surprisingly satisfactory results and shall be using this where'er I can on these models

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