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Just a quick scan from top to bottom:

Varangir looks weird, though the photo's angle might not be helping.

The two Blood bowl pics - Okay, I'm pretty sure it's an elf because pointy ears, but High, Dark and Wood Elf teams all look much different. Probably 'normal' Elf, but Androgynous Elf is the best I can make of it.

Troll pic: ... meh. Need different perspective on it. Wrists/hands look kinda weird on the arms.

Custodes: Joy, yet more good-looking Custodes we won't get to use in 40K despite Guilliman having turned them loose.

Vehicle doors: Look good, but they're only vehicle doors so...

Sicaran turret: Looks good, but I'm starting to wonder just how many variants of the thing they're aiming for.

Khornate dragon: Daaaaaaamn. Now that's a dragon.

Tau Tiger Shark: I'm not really a fan of the overall Tau look, so I'd normally just skip over it, but that thing looks like it lost a fight with a steam iron. I don't think the guns used to be that encased. I remember the bottom being the more interesting side to look at to begin with, and that's not a good thing - even for a flyer.

Middle-earth orc bits: Looks like they'll add a bit of diversity in larger Orc blobs.

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