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Originally Posted by Blackadder View Post
Here's a question for all you painting buffs and I've yet to find it satisfactorily explained.

In the video below the author begins at the 2:20 two minute 20 second mark to "Shade" the the model with 3 parts Vallejo brown ink and 1 part Vallejo Black ink Now I've got dozens of bottles of shades, washes, glazes and nuln oil (Also a Shade and what I am most use to using with adequate results...........)


Now, Before I go and buy yet more of these vile little vials.............

What I want to know is since the author is indiscriminately using the words "Shade," "Wash," "ink," interchangeably; what is he on about and what could be substituted for this so called "Ink" mix.

I'm sure a lot of tyros such as myself would like a succinct explanation.

Here's your chance to shine and have the Blackadder in your debt.:D
To the best of my albeit limited knowledge a wash and a shade are the same thing just different names, a thin medium with little pigment and does not effect the overall colour you wash/shade over too much, and an ink is a thin medium with uber pigment and changes the colour it goes over quite a bit. I'm sure the proper paint beards on Heresy can verify or correct this

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