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Don't Give Up Your Day Job Blackadder

I'm not finished with these by a long shot but I'm going to display them anyway because each of you deserve a good laugh now and again.

The Ironstrider seems a waste of money for me as there is little use for him in the interior of the Titan. That and the Dune Crawler are just for so much practice in painting my Belisarius Cawl and Tech Priest Dominus.


I also want to show how I store my miniatures whilst painting and in storage. These two and a half dozen egg cartons are ideal for your 28 MM soldiers even with bases.



The Dune Crawler is the furthest along in the painting process and it looks like I need a second coat on the gold. I also have to wash off some of the Nuln Oil on the hull.


Tech Priest Dominus is the real reason for this post and I finally got the nerve up to tackle this bad boy this morning.

I promise I'll get back to the Titan by tomorrow. I've got some new Ideas and a whole new perspective on how to proceed with the front elevation.

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