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Default Chainsword extra attacks

Ok, so this is something that has come up in our hobby group at the moment.

Chainswords give an additional attack, using the statline of the chainsword. The question is, if you have multiple weapons, do you have to split and allocate one of your attacks to the chainsword in order to get the additional attack?

For example, a Khorne Bezerker has a chainsword and a chainaxe. He has 2 attacks base. Can he use both of these attacks with the superior chainaxe statline and then make a third attack with the chainsword for having one eqipped. OR. Does he have to split and get 1 attack with the chainaxe and use his second attack with the chainsword and thus gain an additional(and third) attack?

I though it was the latter option and was sure I had read it in one of the FAQ's, but I now can't see anything that says that. The closest I can find is::

"Q. If a model is equipped with two chainswords, do they get to
make 2 extra close combat attacks?
A. Yes (though both must be made with a chainsword)."

This presumably means both the additional attacks are using the chainsword statline. So doesn't help much.

Cheers for any comments, thoughts etc.
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