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Question Where are the greys?

Being that way inclined, I always watch ancient aliens, alien conspiracies, area 51... you know the programs?

I find them fascinating. The theme throughout is that Earth was being visited by 'little green men' for thousands of years and the military were all in on it.
The main alien species seemed to be the grey and another smaller type that was either a worker or some sort of soldier? They also mention beautiful-looking humanoids as well.

Question. Where are the greys in 40K? The beautiful humanoids could be Eldar, but what happened to this super-advanced species the grey?
They are nowhere in the 40K universe.

Can anyone enlighten me or put forward their theories?

There is also mention of a Federation of 9 'beings' who watch over the Universe and Earth who often pop up in Earth history. Who are these 'beings' and where are they in the 40K world?

This subject has probably been covered before, if it has, feel free to send me on my way!


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