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Default Caution with Know No Fear box set.

First, I want to say that I'm really happy and impressed with the direction GW is heading. They've been doing great these past few years compared to the many before it, and for the first time in a long time I find myself anticipating almost every new release to see what it brings with it.

So when I saw the Know no Fear box set, my younger brother Jarrod and I both saw yet another show of GW putting together something both cost efficient and practical. Since Jarrod had already bought the larger Dark Imperium box set, this seemed a good way to expand on the core force of Death Guard he had obtained, and provided me an opportunity to start a small detachment of Primaris Marines for myself. What really caught my eye however was the inclusion of a 2x4' battle mat in the box. Not large enough to furnish a gaming table on its own, but three of them would do perfectly.

So, Jarrod and I hatched a plan to split the cost of three of these boxes. My eye was on the battlemats first and most of the primaris marines we would end up with, while he was all about getting more plague marines and blight drones. I bought the first box set just yesterday, and I took a look at the gaming mat fist chance I got today.

Now, I was prepared for the fact that it would only be printed poster paper. I wasn't expecting a high quality gaming mat for this price and had even already made plans to lay it up on thin sheets of MDF with glue to make it into a sturdy surface. I use six squares of melamine board to support my other gaming mat, so when I propped this one against them I was a little surprised to see that it fell noticably short of the promised size in both directions.

So my warning is not to buy this box if the city mat is the main thing drawing you. I also understand that the smaller starter box First Strike is supposed to include a 2x2' gaming mat. I haven't seen this product in person yet but I would advise a similar level of caution if you're after it for this purpose.

I will be contacting GW to inform them that one of the items in their box set falls noticeably short of the promised specifications. I will post here if I receive a response.
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