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Adeptus Mechanicus Update:

Just to keep you apprised of my lack of progress in a physical sense at least. I have found why I have hit a wall design wise and I shall be making corrections this weekend. Most of my problem was two dimensional thinking.

On the painting front I have cranked up the old airbrush because these Skitarii figures are too finely detailed for painting with a brush. Even the youtube tutorials with so-called pro-painters show heavy brushstrokes that are unacceptable to me.


I began with the Dune Crawler which was not my fav anyway so I used it to practice on. It is not coming out to badly but I think the Airbrush can do better.


I managed to find a Belisarius Cawl on ebay unencumbered by the other two models in the kit which I also have no interest in and spent Saturday evening assembling it. It is ans extremely delicate model full of threadlike plastic parts and I have my doubts of it's survivability on a game board


Fortunately my Belisarius Will be a display companion piece for my Emperor Titan and reside in the completed interior Command center utterly safe from the vicissitudes of beer swilling 40K combatants. :D

Yet perhaps not from Martini Swilling judgmental old farts. ;)

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