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Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
Maximum likes. Wish I had have found something like the clips you're using for your pipeline before I started building mine!
Part of the advantage of working in an electrical wholesaler! I found these clips and made sure I remembered them so I could buy some when the time was right. I've bought so much stuff from work to use for terrain haha.

We have SO MUCH to catch up on...

The palette is looking rough after the painting...

Sneaked in some pipes for the bluesteel table while mid painting of this nurgle board. A lot of fun to make. It almost feels like lego it snaps together so well.

And the final result!!!

The resin didn't pour as cleanly as I would have liked. I will have to spend some time learning how to properly use this material in the future.

The rusted effects add so much to it, the work put into the broken pipes and roofs makes a good system for this particular Death Guard army to place their troops in a tiered system to show off the biggest and baddest up the top.

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