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Default 8th Ed Close Combat Marines vs Marines

Has anyone worked out what the 'best' weapons for CC are in 8th ed?

Having seen the Night Lord rules that are on the way, I've decided to push on and finish my Night Lord 'to do' pile...
I already have a storm eagle and now I can put multiple units in it to get the -3 to enemy leadership...

So I'm doing Chosen. 6 Chosen with Plasma, a Sorcerer and a cc unit of Chosen should be enough to ruin a unit or two..

So,for marine vs marines what are the best weapons? I've looked at chainsword, chainaxe, power axe, power maul, Lightning claw and Dual lightning claws.
I'm still torn as all of the weapons have their own merits now (I'm really liking 8th )
Chainsword is free and gets an extra attack
Chain axe is dirt cheap, +1S and -1 ap
Power Maul is still cheap, +2 Str and -1 ap
Power Axe is cheap, +1 Str and -2 ap
Lightning Claws are expensive, but get +1 attack, re-rolls to wound and -2 ap. This also gives them an extra chance to roll a 6 in CC to hit, giving them an extra attack again.

I literally only ever get to fight marines, any advice would be greatly appreciated

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