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If you’ve got your new Space Marines codex, you’ll have noticed that the Intercessors and Hellblasters have loads of options beyond those found in Dark Imperium. On Saturday, you’ll be able to order yourself the full multi-part kits for these models with all these options included.

The multi-part Intercessors kit adds some great new weapons to the main line infantry of the Primaris Space Marines. You’ll be able to equip yours for a range of roles of the battlefield, and you’ll want to take a few squads to make the best use of all the options – advance up the field with auto bolt rifles, or hold down your backfield with long-ranged stalker bolt rifles.


The multi-part Hellblasters can be customised with an array of powerful plasma weapons. However you build yours, these heavy-support troops are great for dealing with heavy infantry, monsters and tanks alike. As well as the standard plasma incinerator, the heavy plasma incinerator boasts increased strength and range at the cost of mobility, while if you want to keep your units mobile, the assault plasma incinerator turns the unit into a great source of fast-moving firepower.


Well, they don't have such great equipment choices as they are trying to tell us. I like both kits. Hellblasters more. I like the look of the new guns and that's why I would like to see something more than just bolter and plasmas. I want Heavy bolter Primaris EDITION!
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