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Originally Posted by Brother Lucian View Post
Can we expect Slaanesh getting knocked out of the park, just like AoS once Ynnead realizes its purpose.
I really hope not. The attempt to sanitise Slaanesh out of AoS while at the same time promoting a god like Khorne that requires mass murder as a means of worship is so stupidly hypocritical it's not funny.

Originally Posted by Brother Lucian View Post
could Fulgrim and the EC be redeemed?
No. Not a chance. They, along with the other three of The Big 4 and the WB, are too far gone. The NLs are too fractured, and Curze is dead, so that rules him out.

Originally Posted by Brother Lucian View Post
Might be playing well into the whole rumored one chaos primarch turning back to the imperium, and one loyal primarch defecting.
Where are you picking up this rumour?

All the remaining traitor primarchs are demon princes at this stage. Even if they wanted to come back into the fold, they could never be accepted. Unless the AL play their final gambit, and reveal their big switcharoo.

On the whole, I don't think they'll go down the route of removing Slaanesh. I do think the big 4 traitor legions are each going to get their own codex, so removing the patron god of one of them would not be a good move.

Your thread did make me look at the Yncarne mini, and then compare it to the Fulgrim FW mini. Am I imagining it, or are there some distinct, almost deliberate similarities, like mirror images of each other? Will there be a face off between these two?

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