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Default Ynnead and Fulgrim musing

Ive been wondering. With Ynnead set to ascend to full power in the upcomming Ynnari novel, where the Ynnari goes hunting for the last crone sword. Black Library - Ghost Warrior: Rise of the Ynnari (eBook) What does it mean for Slaanesh? Can we expect Slaanesh getting knocked out of the park, just like AoS once Ynnead realizes its purpose.

Then it becomes interesting when we consider Fulgrim and the Emperor's children. Should slaanesh get removed and ITs influence and powers removed. could Fulgrim and the EC be redeemed? Might be playing well into the whole rumored one chaos primarch turning back to the imperium, and one loyal primarch defecting.

Id think it a fine time to remove Slaanesh, firmly checking the power of Chaos as the dark gods has grown too ambitious and powerful by dividing the galaxy in two and creating the dark imperium and setting the stage for an ongoing meatgrinder stalemate.
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