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New Primaris releases are getting better and better.

Redemptor - Love the gatling gun style and fist. Classic dread is classic and iconic but I think this one looks cool as well. Lots of space for customization and conversion.

Aggressors - I like the gravis armour but these ones are too mono-pose. Especially hands which are connected to backpack with cables and ammo belts. Repositioning would require too much work. I would like to see melee version in future.

Reivers - Beautiful kit. Great pose variations. This is what intercessors box should look like. Lack of shin armour plate makes them weird but if you look closely they will be easily converted to full Primaris intercessors which I aim to do so.

Chaplain - Chaplains are the coolest looking SM models for me and this Primaris version is G-R-I-M-tastic! Crozius's top doesn't look very menacing (though shaft is great) but as Khornes's fist wrote I take it as an opportunity to put my own symbol there.

Apothecary - Another nicely detailed character I would only pose him differently.

Repulsor - I would rather see version based on Rhino skeleton. In this case it's not very appealing to me.
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