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I like the Aggressors with or without the missile pods, but I see what you mean @Khorne's Fist . I honestly want to field both versions for dealing with the massed infantry that seems to be one of the more effective tactics currently. Also speaking of mowing down large numbers, the Redemptor Dreadnought's gattling cannon is probably the way I'm going to go along with the underslung heavy flamer. (Depending on how magnetizable the arm is. Then I'll have both options, thank you.) I'm also wondering exactly how posable the big guy actually is
The Primaris Chaplain looks so much better now that I've gotten a good look at him. I actually like the trimmed down baton/staff/crozius. Its simplified design looks more like a thing representing his office and far more weildable than the previous designs. It looks pretty menacing honestly. Maybe that's just the whole model.

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