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Side Galleries:

On either side of the 'Head' there are these side galleries. I'm a bit disappointed in these but I shall probably leave them as they are because I'm tempted to put dual guns or lasers in the windows instead of my initial idea of stained glass.


Once these galleries are surrounded by other detail, they'll blend in better.


Still to come on these galleries are the ball turret gun mounts and lots of skulls and stylized eagles, but for now they will remain removable to ease amenability.


The above image probably mimics the drawing best and I feel my solution to what is under the 'head' is better that the nondescript python-like cable conduits in the video I assume just put there to fill the void.


Again a couple of Space Marines for scale.

And a high angle and side view shot to round out last evenings work.


Note the serendipity of the curved corbels which allow the head to swing side to side without interference by the galleries. Purely accidental I assure you as I'm not sure that the Emperor titans have that capability.


As with the Thunderhawk, once I began to personalize this construct I've begun to warm to it's intrinsic majesty and ignore the obvious impracticality of the monstrosity.

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