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Been a while..... Started a new job, so have been pretty busy - I'm now a train commuter! I FUCKING HATE COMMUTING ON THE GODDAM TRAIN.

I have tried to like the primaris marines, but i just don't get it. the aesthetics are OK, but I think i need to read the 'dark imperium' book to really start to like them - I just don't really know why some of the legions would be accepting of girlyman.... Particularly the Templars, who now seem to be worshiping him rather than Big E.

Anyway - for now I've decided to forget 40k and focus on my 30k Iron Warriors. I bought a load of forge world conversion parts; heavy weapons and upgrade sets and the like, and have started gathering bits from various fleabay auctions etc.

Ive started to build a sort of list, but focusing on making squads rather than full armies. So far I have:
2x20 man tac squads will full bolter porn
1x5 man recon squad in power armour, more of a trench clearance squad with axes and shotguns
1x5 man tartaros command squad
1x10 man siege tyrants
the dreads i posted before (which are nearing completion, but missing something that I cant put my finger on)
my HQs

I started painting up my various HQ choices that I've kitbashed and so I have a fair few models nearing completion:
Siege Breaker
Forge Lord
Master of Signal
Narik Dreygur

Just got their arms and backpacks to finish
Will be trying to finish of my half finished projects by the end of summer and start fresh on some new models in the autumn when the weather closes in.
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