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Default Sternguard/Company veterans - usage and loadout in 8th edition

When it comes to playing I consider myself as newbie and since new edition I got confused by some changes in equipping and choosing some models.

I will try to explain what I am trying to achieve and hopefully somebody give me some suggestions.

In terms of my fluff each of my companies has 10-man veteran squad + separate command squad following it's Captain.

I have decided to use sternguard for veterans and have 40 models reserved for this.

My conditions are:

a) equipping always full squad (ten models)
b) usage of wide range of equipment -> every squad equipped differently
c) tactic - closer range (I will have Devastator squads for long range combat - plasma cannons, heavy bolters, lascannons)

My questions are:

1) Should I split the roles in squad? Example: 5 models anti-infantry, 5 models tank hunters. OR should I give them all same type weapons. Example: 2 Heavy Flamers + rest combi flamers/ flamers. OR give them all type of different weapons (plasma, melta, flamer, boltguns, heavy and so on)

2) ratio of special issues boltguns, special and heavy weapons. Example 2x Heavy, 1x Special, 2x Combi, 5x Special issue boltgun.

Good example is that I am now building squad which will use flamer weapons. For first five I considered heavy flamer, 2x combi flamer and 2x boltgun. But don't know what to take for other five I was thinking about melta in same pattern.

Also somebody suggested to me to take Company veterans instead and use sternguard only with boltguns. But Company vets are only 5-man squads and work a bit differently but I am open for any alternatives.

I have not yet seen any articles on sternguard in 8th edition so I am not entirely sure how to equip them. I am not looking for best combos. I am more like fluff player and usually equip models however I want but I don't want to build total mess this time which won't work at all.
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