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Oh, it's not the big gun shields over the barrels (I'm not nearly adventurous enough to try sculpting those!), just the little red and white ones underneath. You can see them better in my prototype posts a couple up. Thanks anyway though!

So, my Valhallans have arrived! I've already given them all their gas masks and helmets to match the equipment of my Vostroyans. Here they are, before I prime them:

That's two squads with Flamers and Mortars (I have to make due with what I can get when it comes to these guys...), and a command squad with a Rocket Launcher and a tattered old flag. It's a motley crew of various primer colours/paint schemes right now, but they'll look good when I go over them all myself and start painting them.

I think I'll get another Tauros for my Vostroyan command squad, and use the old Tauros I already have for this one. Turns out, the rules for Veterans right now are pretty bare-bones, so it seems like a good idea to call my Vostroyans storm troopers (Tempestus Scions? I don't remember what they call them now), and keep my Valhallans as regular guard. That way, the models that are meant to have better armour and lots of special weapons can still have them. A good compromise, I think. That, and I can use some of those sweet weapons the storm trooper Tauroses get.

I've ordered the relevant Indexes from Forgeworld, because the normal ones don't have rules for the Vendetta Gunship. Depending on whether I can fill it with troops or not (like I used to be able to back in the day), my Chimera will either remain a Chimera to be used by the storm troopers, or I'll convert it into a Hellhound or one of its variants. I have a set of the old metal fuel tanks kicking around, so it won't be difficult to do.

Anyway, that's enough to keep me going for a while. C&C are always appreciated!
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