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Default Trick #2.1

Emperor’s lost brothers

Lujum of Comadena wrote:
tewenty are the brothers missing and found
one, for sure, clipped at the birth
all the rest is leggend.

Do not underestimate the events of the day!
Although they appear obvious and banal,
But they also give only a little light in the darkness!

There are things
between Immaterium and worlds
that we are not even able to imagine!

The imperial literature retains a huge anthology of prophecies, here are some linked to Hermada circle.

T1 After death the Omegeon’s body was seized for a few hours by the Techpriest, Mumoron, who withdrew biological samples from corpse. After obtaining a twin he gave it up for adoption to a family of a planet with high technological development. His superior intelligence did not have a striking impact as well as had the nicest and longevity. So he had the opportunity, living long, to have many mates, and he was rather prolific: had twelve daughters. No boys. Only at the sixth generation of daughters were born five male childrens.
The difference, is clear, is in the core, or the number of souls; concurrently with the events and the needs of nature.

T2 In the battle of Naix against Chaos Space Marines and Blood Pact in consequence of a large slaughter were selected some survivors which they were engineered by surgery and pharmacological for obtain physiological changes useful to implement their natural stamina, force, longevity and general health.

T3 An experiment on humans by Eldar or even tweak the Old Ones, never finished, for reasons never fully discharged, for this, it was born a maze of legends, the resultant of which is evidently a group of super-human physically engineered.

T4 It is entirely the work of nature, out of control and the rules of the creatures.

T5 It is all a result of the will and the work of the Emperor of Mankind, Force of Nature and Cosmic Machine: Omnissiah!

The huge round square in the middle of the boulevard hope, came Dheyron and stood in the geographic center. Shortly after arrived Ghil, and stood in what he mean the geographic center. Then came Drag and stop in what he mean the geographic center, follow Athaer and also him stay in what he mean the geographic center of the round square. At the end arrived Nid and walked to what he mean the square’s geographic center.
Five men standing in the square at the point where their senses showed them the center.

Never knew if it was a coincidence or a discovery as a result of a search, but as a clue to a quest, There was an indication: “in round square, whose center is never in the same place you will find your helpful sign!

What have I become
My sweetest friend
Everyone I know goes away
In the end
And you could have it all
My Empire is dirt?!
I will let you down
I will make you hurt

(from J Cash).

« All we go out, and just one of us come to the center…after one by one he reaches the point where it stopped» said Ghil
They nodded and all came out of the circle. So Dheyron said:
«Ok! Now, start you man!»

One by one entered in the circle, using the view to reach only those who were in front of them. They positioned themselves each in a petal of the central floret. When they were all uttered the mantra and…
« Nothing is happening!»
«We have till wrong? What?!»
«Look at» said Athaer, pointing with a foot the floret
«There are three petals empty!»
«Let’s coming out and talking about this!» said Dheyron

Out of the square circle made council.
«Who or what did you suggest to reach this place?» ask Ghil
All answer about an astropathic message from the Prior GSG, only Dheyron talking about an own intuition.

«There is only one explanation: someone missing!» said Athaer
«But who?» ask Dheyron

Nim trake from his haversack an artefct.
«Waht is it?» investigate Drag
«Is an Surveyor's scope… It works, also, as a veggies tool»
« Can tell us who is missing ... right!?
«Mmmm, may be, yeah.»

The artifact emitted a light blue and similar to an hologram Runes in 3d
«These are the names Nymbor Krahumm, Kho Symgaxx, Akikigw’n» said Nim
Then a flickering figure whispered
«We’re caught in the warp! But soon! soon!»
«Well… we have jast to awiat!» declared Drag.

«We will compose an octagon!» declared Athaer
«Octagon is Chaos!» he continue to say.
«If this is the way we must follow… we are obliged to read! We will walk on this path!»
«No fear! » said Ghil
«Right! » All responded

Meanwhile on the world Tempextatium was consumed a fierce conflict between Necron and Dark Eldar. From the dim craftworld Hoiisholagh a series of operations Bites and fugitives was began. The two armies were not used to direct titanic clashes, Certainly resistant but in the substance light and agiles. The tactics provided for quick links between the lines.
The Necrons had given rise to a small expanding colony not far to Hermada Monts, Dark Eldars wanted to blur with surgical precision the bastions of those ancient people. They suddenly open same doors and with transonic swift shot Necrons which, however, endowed with a surprising resistance reluctant head to snap and sudden attacks.

The first line of dark eldar under the command of Marquis Baron Ghondo and his Haemonculi was skillfully impacted, no one gets benefits, only some fallen in battle. The Dark Eldar had placed a second line, as support and replacement for the first line, but the Necron, with a "pinch move” brought with them “Immortal”, lead by Madam Suyetheta, a direct attack on the second line, but the Dark Eldar having a third hidden line, impacts this attack.
In the same time Silex Myorishesh of Necron Army, had to face the air strike of Dark Eldar and all this brought more confusion and complexity into the battle: dust, shots, stride of veicle… big confusion!
Clash engages so intensely both legions so not having a way to send few task force to search the item. They knew, they perceived its presence, maybe the direction, but not where, exactly, it was.
In this badlam for the eight was a litte more easy move in action.

After a while, the five had been sitting in wait, appear a dust-devil. There was a glow and an air-portal opened: The last three had come!
«Here you are!» said Drag.
Fast the eight enter to the circle of the square, a red spot joined the positions by creating a grid inside an octagonal shape.

There was a gust of wind, a gate appeared, a narrow side of the gate move and a strange smell invest the eight.
On the threshold there was a writing in runes who in three languages said: Only three, no more than three!
Then they went out of their way who would come.
Came to each one randomly assigned a number between 1 to 8 then pulling a die select the 3 who will coming inside: Nim, Drag and Akikigw’n.
They walked through a dungeon illuminated by a reddish light and arrived in a room which had four more outputs. Akikigw’n left a mystic rune as sign of the passage.
Then Nim focused on choosing the way to through and he chose the first to the left and again Akikigw’n left a mystic rune as sign of the transit. They were clearly in the warp where everything is distorted and the minds become easy confused.
At the end of the path find a large hall, similar to a library room. There was a figure like a man busy to read and compare texts content in cogitators or Pict-screens, some of which appeared as holograms.
«Hi Sir!» said all three for some time, at the last greeting the man left his busy and look at them.
«Hi! Who are you?»
«We are three of the lost Emperor’s Brothers sir! Nim Heigdamm, Dragkrorfh and Akikigw’n. We lookinf for you ‘cause che galaxy need a wise help! The yours!»
The man shake his head and say «But… I don’t kow you and you… know who are me?»
«Sir you are Majon Gherxx hierophat former at the service of inquisitor Lyucex » said Drag.
«That’s right… but» replay the old man.
«What’s your business?» ask again him.
« We lookinf for you ‘cause che galaxy need a wise help! » repeat Akikigw’n.
«I don’t know any about that!» said Majon.
«’cause you are hide in this space-time room out of the real. You are an scolar real powefull! There are legions of Necrons and Dark Eldars close to the Hermada Monts who looking for you and about somethins connected to your wise! We have to stop them before anymore come and the “question” become more bigger than it already is! »

«As you said I'm a scholar, kwnoledge before all! If the galaxy and its fate look at me, what can I do? I've been long time under the rule of inquisiotr Glauco Siderox Ambryoss, but finding and discovering new informations, clues, to have different quests attracted me too much » said Majon
«Who you are a Blood Ravens? » ask Nim
«Eh? Waht you said?» replay Majon
« You can't hide yoursef forever! Three or four harlequins do you think they can make you immune, untouchable? Soon us fellows will reach us! This tells you that others, sooner or later, will do the same! »
Majon Gherxx shook his lips wide a litte his arms showing her palms «I’m sorry about that but…»
At that time in a side of the bookcase there was a baldness, immediately after entering in the large room the other five fellows.
«No lock can block us! » said Dheyron in caming and go direct in front of Majon Gherxx
«Hey Man! Do you ‘now me?»
The old Hierophant opened his eyes wide and wrinkled his forehead
«Oh for the Emperor! Dheyron Cheldwaith, Bolverker, the dim side of the Empire…»
«Yeah Yeah yeah, I’m here for and to you man! The world have its rules, and no-one can escape to these rules. So, today the world is came to you ‘cause you have to do something to all of us!»
Majon shook his head « All of you here want something from me ... well. Here I’m men!»
«Who have talk about me to all of you?»
«Was a “vison” for lot of us, but for me was the Prior Ghenjo Sanzo Gasty to drive me to you» said Dheyron
«Chaosdamn!» said Majon

After this, he invite all to seat in circle on the floor, then take a d-pad made the point about the question.
Sliding your finger on the screen Made the considerations about the case.

«There are many and different objects and artifacts, someone possess special gifts, we can considered these as “magical” artifacts of items. A special own quality is to hide itself or made it find. And… upon the Hermada Monts there is an ancient abandoned Imperial installation, build up on an precedent xenos fort. This is something similar to what we ask, improperly, text or book. Is a descriptive way, a Keypass. »
«Interesting, but what's there is at Hermada Monts because fortresses were built? » ask Nim
«A Portal, a great Porta for the Warp… someone said is a Chaos Gate… I don’t know exactly»
«Is open?» intervened Kho
«No, by long time is closed! But… I have said the “special items” are someting of alive and in connection with the world» answered Majon
«Anda about the legion on the ground?» ask Drag
«Would be possible to use one of the 4 universal forces for chese it» said Majon
«We are not an I.G. Commissar or a radical Inquisitor!» said Dheyron

«Well, however you have to move at least the item! And two are the possible ways» continues Majon
« And would they?» ask Kho
« The first is the way from the Imperial fortress leads to the xeno vestiges acrossa dangerous dungeon… full of tricks and traps, but for you, i mean practicable anyway»
«And the second?» ask Athaer
«The last pass is » and Majon show a map from his d-pad
«go down in the low level of the Imperial Fort and break a wall… very large but for you is not impossible to do!» considered Majon
«Ok and after where we have to go?» ask Athaer
«Mmmm… the Hermada Monts are famous as “the Mountain where is not possible get down” but said this, you can go as far you can in an hide new feral world where hide the artefact» answer Majon.
«You know if the Portal is locked?» ask Ghil
«No, isn’t… but how I have said is long time who no one pass… but if you have a sort of Navigator skill…» answer Majon

«Good. We will find a way to come out! But, you can Teleport us up above the Hermada Monts?» said Akikigw’n
«Mmmm… Let me see… yes sure I can!» answer Majon.
«Ok, do that!» said Kho.

«However remember Majon» said Dheyron « Your position here is unsafe! Soon someone came to look at you and nothing can save you from that attack!»
«Well, I will consider seriously your suggest!» answer Majon.

“Act as though everything
depended on you,
but in the knowledge
that really everything
depends on Emperor!”

With a flash they were projected briefly on the fortress that dominated the Hermada Monts. Stay on the top see the ongoing battle: clangor, lightning, shooting. They went down some levels d find the wall indicated by Majon. With a temporary spell open a breach. Only Dheyron and Ghil entered, the others waited outside checking the xenos armed forces.

They lighted up in a huge hall and immediately they found the item! Dheyron gave it a check finding a useful spell to leave. Get out of that dungeon saw aircraft approaching. Dheyron made a quick but precise ritual and a gate was open. He made pass all in that narrow way and before even went looked up and saw the majestic and gigantic portal of the Chaos. A shiver struck me. Then he took the step.

An exponential shock wave spread from the mountain to the valley for hundreds leagues. “the Mountain where is not possible get down” spoke, giving his mute response.
«All be banished!»

The eight reappear in an other side of the planet near an Thunderhawk who await them.
«Look!»said Kho Pointing to a direction
«The shock wave in coming!» said Athaer
«Come on run!» said Ghil.
Left the planet just before to be caught by the terrible shock wave. Aboard of the Dauntless Light Cruiser named PoxMight made the journey that led to the new destination: an unknown agri-world Georgia Aestatica.

Up on a green hill named Moncrivello find a white house estate of MessoRox. Under the house find in the deep ancient vestige. There left the item, the keypass, the Grymorium Sapiens.
Entrusted it not a the couple of partents but at their two very young twins, male and female, Sylvius and Sylvia. Blue eye and Black eye. They represented the unknown future, the hope.

Done this, they leave immediately.
«An Eternal War await as! We are the eight who stay up the Hermada Monts, “the Mountain where is not possible get down” so forever we will be “the Hermada circle!” Let’s go!» Said Dheyron. Dheyron Cheldwait. Rogswidhir. Bolwerker; with Ghil Feamot, Athaer Rethdalf, Drag Krorf, Nim Heigdamm, Nymbor Krahumm, Kho Symgaxx, Akikigw’n.

He don't know if it's right or wrong
Maybe he should tell someone
He's not sure just what it was
Or if it's against the law
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