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Default Primaris Lore spotted on BoLS

Primaris Marines: Metal Muscles & Reinforcements - Bell of Lost Souls

Phil Kelly showed off the mystery Primaris organs and details on some of the new and old chapters who got Primaris support.

Phil Kelly sat down on Warhammer TV and talked Primaris space marines. More importantly he put up a couple big shots from the upcoming Space Marine codex.

Primaris Reinforcements

Here’s a spread of 8 chapters both new and old who have gotten some help from Cawl’s new project.

Fulminators: Created during a monster electrical storm on mars, the original Aspirants have been in stasis for 8000 years!

Genesis Chapter: Created from the most noble of the Ultramarines post-heresy. Devotees to the Primarch.

Black Consuls: Hidden behind Phil and Rob… its a mystery.

Eagle Warriors: Fleet based chapter who has lost some companies due to “the rift” across the Imperium.

Novamarines: Fierce adherents to the Codex Astartes – who are every crusading and have not fought as a single force since the 37th millenium.

Praetors of Orpheus: Follow the Codex Astartes to the letter, even if it causes friction with allies. They have quickly embraced Guillimans updates to the codex.

Silver Skulls: Supersitious fanatics who believe the Emperor guides their actions. They read signs and portents before acting.

Scythes of the Emperor: From almost wiped out by Tyranids to “Hey we have a bunch of Primaris Marines – THANKS CAWL!

Mystery Organs

Next we hit the mystery of the three new Primaris Organs:

Sinew Coils: Literally metal coils embedded in their muscles…

Magnificat: Half of the Primarch organ that provided extra bone and muscle growth hormones. I wonder what the other half did?

Belisarian Furnace: An internal emergency medical kit. I guess that’s where the 2nd Wound comes from.


Intriguing! So -thats- what the 3 new organs does! I did pay note to that Dark Imperium made a mention of the Primaris having metallic whorls in their hands.
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