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Two more games, using necrons this time. Even the basic gauss weapon carried by the necron warrior has an ap value of -1, and the gauss weapons carried by immortals are ap -2. So it's a fair assumption that I was pretty confident of doing some heavy damage in these games.

And I did, but so did my opponent's assault cannons. All seven of them. It came down to my first opponent losing all of his infantry but a character and a diminished squad, but his razorbacks cleaned up everything I had in return.

Second game was grey knights and a similar story. His infantry were all but obliterated, taking out a number of necrons in return but it was the autocannons on his dreadnoughts that took out my heavier units and prevented me from hitting back just as hard.

I have noticed that every Imperial Character model I've faced has a bubble effect of buffing nearby units. Guilleman, captains, lieutenants, chaplains and grandmasters. All of them affect all nearby units. Meanwhile, Xenos characters such as my necron lords and overlords, Tyrant and broodlord only seem able to buff one unit at a time. I don't wanna seem sour about it but I'm SENSING SOME FAVOURITISM HERE GW.

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