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Cities of Death Bitz:

When I first started this project I stated I would be relying heavily of Prefab Bitz so as to make this model more accessible to would-be modelers. I fully expected readers to be able to make their own Emperor Titans following my examples. Certainly there are no big secrets revealed in this construction

The problem I see in most Emperor Titans that employ bitz is a lack of imagination. You cannot use the pieces directly out of the box. Witness below.....


The flying buttresses as they come out of the box have little application to speak of in this area of the Titan but with a bit of judicious cutting and filing they find purpose.


Likewise the area below the 'head' calls for a processional egress onto the balcony/podium/pulpit.


Of course this is all subject to interpretation, You might have reservations about a huge vulnerable door in the front of the chest, I do myself but nothing is etched in stone and I may change my mind in the future but something is better than nothing so I'm going for it at this moment.

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