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Default Dark Eldar Morality

Generally not three words you find in the same sentence, but given the new lore surrounding the Ynnari I felt there were questions here worth asking.

The Drukhari, or Dark Eldar, have always been described as cruel beyond measure, a race of eldar so evil and depraved that it was considered better to die in battle against them than to be taken alive. They were like this first out of hubris, but following the birth of Slaanesh it became a necessity. They, like all eldar, feel the pull of Slaanesh constantly. Unlike their craftworld cousins who shielded themselves with waystones, the darker side of this race discovered they could replenish their souls indefinitely by feeding off the suffering of others, like a vampire only they were slowly bleeding their victims souls rather than their blood (or in many circumstances, quite probably both).

The Yvraine brought with her the word of Ynnead, and the manifestation of the Yncarne offered the eldar race another path to salvation. Those who serve Ynnead now have a new kind of mastery over life and death, able to draw strength from the death of friend and foe alike. The exact mechanics of this process are unknown, but it seems to be that this subservience to their death god is yet another shield against the predations of Slaanesh.

Many Craftworlders oppose this faction for their own reasons, and many of the Dark Eldar do as well, most notably Asdubrael Vect as well as the Haemonculus Covens. Their reasoning is sound, Vect stands to lose a significant portion of his influence and the Covens lose their status as the masters of life and death. However, plenty of Drukhari have flocked to Ynnead's side.

The obvious question is why. Their own ways rendered them functionally immortal, but at the cost of being forced to inflict suffering upon others on a regular basis. It was not without risk, but by siding with Yvraine and her patron deity they place themselves in the direct line of fire of scores of Daemons hell bent (lul) on their utter destruction. Why would creatures so selfish and evil actively place themselves in increased danger over the status quo that has served them for millennia?

This is the first time that the Eldar have had the means to pose a direct challenge to Slaanesh and the forces of Chaos. It crossed my mind that perhaps these drukhari are seeking revenge, but that seems unlikely given that their role in the matter would be little more than soldiers fighting a war. There is no reason concerning personal glory or validation that makes sense in this scenario. The only reason any Aeldari has to pledge allegiance to the Ynnari is for the betterment of their race. For the first time in ten thousand years, the ancient Eldar have a chance to forge a path forward, to rebuild. The only purpose the Ynnari have is to save their entire race. What black hearted scoundrel safe in his lair would care about that, so long as his own wellbeing was secure?

The way I see this, the drukhari are perfectly capable of seeing the big picture. They see the Hope that the Ynnari represent, and they are willing to step up and lend their aid in the fight. Added to this, not every drukhari is an evil commorite by birth, many among them find their way to the dark city under extrenuous circumstances and like their predecessors find their lives dictated by necessity. Dark Eldar have found their way out of Commoragh before. In Path of the Warrior, we meet a Striking Scorpion who once dwelt in the hellish place before finding his way to Biel Tan. He found redemption in the eyes of his exarch and died as a warrior.

The rise of the Yncarne is an opportunity for any Aeldari to step forward and play a role in reforging their own destiny. Drukhari across the city may, for the first time in their lives, be able to look at themselves and realize This psychopath is not who I want to be...

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