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Another game, and finally a win!

Played a friend's Chaos list, Chaos Space Marines of Khorne and Daemons of Khorne. Old One Eye made a charge against a unit of bloodcrushers and wiped every single one of the bastards out in that same round.

His Flying Daemon Prince dealt the deathblow to one of my tyrants and my harpy, and did significant damage to the second tyrant before a squad champion finished it off. Old One Eye was eventually cut down by terminators which went on to be the last marines standing, adding a broodlord and a swarm of gaunts to their kill count before the game was done.

Once more the real stars of my list were the Hive Guard and the Exocrine. Multiple damage, high strength and good AP weapons means not much is left unscathed once these guys let loose. If I ever get back into the tournament scene, I expect to see a lot of them among tyranid lists. It was the Hive Guard who really saved me, bringing down a unit of bloodletters in the early turns and then felling the daemon prince before he could get too far forward. Not that the exocrine didn't pull his weight. A helbrute, a squad of marines and the predator were all finished or diminished by him over the course of the game.

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