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Default Greetings fellow warriors of chaos!

Hi my name is Robin a.k.a Kurnathral.

I am a 21 Year old german student and a very huge 40k fan. I came to know 40k over my very first strategy game: Dawn of war. Since then i dug my nose deep into the lore and even today i randomly read some lore about the 40k universe just to be amazed again. I alos am currently reading the Hours Heresy books and i just cant stop reading them. They just deepend my love to the warp and 40k in generell. I even have a Khorne Symbol Tattoo on my right arm and i plan to expand it every year as some sort of chaos courrupting my body(It sounds weird like this. I just dont have the money for a very big tattoo so i will just expand it yearly)

Deciding which army is my favourite is really hard for me because while i am reading the books every chaos army just gets cooler and more interesting. For example i really enjoyed Fulgrims story and his Emperors Children just going mad because of a concert. Chaos in generell is my favourite, because it has this "forbidden" feeling to it. I love it when there are "forbidden techs" or Forbidden magic spells" in games or stories because them being forbidden just makes me more curios about them. The same with chaos. I just love how the Chaos tech priest just can do what they want and mess around with space marine tech an daemons.

Well thats about everything. Have nice day.
May chaos give you the power you desire.
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