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Really enjoyed the system.

The new combat fight system is also amazing. There is a certain tactical element to it.

The new AP system is a little hard to get my head into - A friend of ours deployed a Relic Dreadnought from Forgeworld and it effectively held up two armies worth of miniatures in a single combat. My Terminator lord with a chain-fist then went in and proceeded to do zero damage then immediately die. It was funny but very very frustrating as things like dreads can tie up units far too easily.

Frustration was on hand-writing a list. The layout of the Index Chaos was, frankly infuriating, as Is buying a unit for a cost only to then have to add in his basic wargear. I understand why this is the choice though because it allows tweaking on a per-item basis rather than unit/model.

Some rules are also written quite strange - I had several instances where I got to 'reroll missed' dice but as worded you do so before the bonuses are added, but from bonuses technically I would have 'hit'. We ended up house ruling that a 'Miss' was after dice were calculated but the reroll didn't apply your bonuses; it worked ok tbh as it effectively meant everything effectively got 'Reroll 1's'.

For Chaos Astartes:

Deamon Princes are too soft and / or big targets. 3+ isn't enough to deal with combats these days, and 8 wounds is way too low because although you shrug off small arms, even moderately armed units just eat half your health.
D6 Damage weapons are insane as well.
I believe that Slaanesh is going to be a go-to this game if the meta remains Imperial. Icon of Excess is really useful.
Khorne Berzerkers finally have value again.
Terminator armour is incredibly useful. 2+ actually has it's place again!

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