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Originally Posted by The Son of Horus View Post
I don't know if I like the Reivers or not-- they're a little too Night Lords-y for Imperial Space Marines, both visually and as far as what they're supposed to do. The Primaris officers are gorgeous, though, and I'm excited to add them to my small Crimson Fists Primaris army. Or at least the Librarian... the Captain I might paint up in my own Chapter's colors. Even though my Chapter has rejected the Primaris Marines themselves, there's no reason to let all that perfectly good Mk X plate and gear go to waste. After all, the machine has no soul, even if the men it was created for are blasphemies against the God-Emperor's holy work.

I'm also happy to see the Blight Launcher in an easy access package, since I know a lot of folks have been asking me where they can get their hands on those after reading about them in Dark Imperium and in Index Chaos.

Forgotten about chaplains? skullfaced to inspire the fear of death. But yeah, they definitely looks to have taken a page from the night lords handbook. Though I think the Ravenguard would salivate over getting new infiltrators.
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