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Although I could see that implication, it's mostly in regards to poxwalkers Vs cultists, if that clears this up.
For what it's worth,I'm actually in the arena of khorne being our best choice, for the most part, as far as marines go. Since all the marks are the same,it comes down to cult troop and icons. Berzerkers are finally attractive again, and icon of wrath is the only consistently helpful one. Although that's another discussion entirely.

Personally if I'm taking a suicide unit to remove something, I want them as cheap as possible, since it's a pure trade up on points if I kill my target. I also like a combi melta on my champion for 3 shots. It's about 80 points cheaper and just as likely to wipe most critical targets. If the only thing I was looking for was a suicide unit, raptors do it the same but for significantly less. However, yes this is true that the terminators are better post melta burst, although at that point I can also look at a las predator, or a havoc squad, loaded with las or missiles, and 10 models, and get more value out of them over the course of a game in terms of firepower.
Unless the opponent deep strikes on them, which then delves into a totally different arena. The most I could see is a 2/5, because although you do get more quality post arrival then raptors, if you're looking for firepower to remove things you can either get the same firepower for less, or more firepower for the same value.

It's not that I'm opposed persay to terminators, I actually like them quite a bit. I just think there are better ways to get a few melta guns in and wipe something out, now that terminators are minimum 5 man and combi's are so expensive. Although they also got much better, so there is that.

The points efficiency thing is probably us talking past each other. I generally think of points efficiency in terms of what I pay versus what I can do with it. So by my idea of points efficiency, the things you talk about are wrapped in. Although it eats another HS slot, I can take two predators with 4 las shots each for about 45 more points then a land raider, so if I want the firepower it's poorly priced. Or for another 100, I can take 2 squads of havocs with 4 las and 4 missile across them, which is a large increase in firepower, and surviveability, since 6 havocs have to die before guns go cold.It's a transport as well, to be fair, but there's not many things that a land raider can transport that a rhino can't, and that I also wouldn't just rather deepstrike. The 2/5 I placed in my reply was a typo, should have said 3/5. Sorry, was on my phone.
Having played around with one myself this edition, and played against it a few times, all of the marine players at my LFGS have
mostly come to the same conclusion.
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