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Originally Posted by theraidenproject View Post
For more serious players who aren't concerned with that sort of thing, then poxwalkers became an immediate winner. Hopefully that clears that up.
Careful now, Nurgle is not the end all be all for competitive chaos as your implying here.

Originally Posted by theraidenproject View Post
some people are going to try to do termicide like from ages past. Not only is this easier to play around then in current editions, but it's almost 3x as expensive.
Uh what?

5 terminators with 2 combi melta, 3 combi bolter, and 5 power sword/maul (same cost) is roughly 220 points.

5 raptors with 2 meltaguns is about 120 points.

Thats about 100 points different, with the terminators having twice as many wounds (they are two wounds each), a better save, and power weapons for close combat.

Originally Posted by theraidenproject View Post
Especially given that raptors exist and can mostly do the same thing, termicide is dead.
Terminators are slower on the board, but with the removal of scatter from deepstrike, the ability to bring reserves in when you need them, and combi weapons able to fire more than one time, I'd say its hardly a dead thing.

Originally Posted by theraidenproject View Post
If you're bringing terminators to just bring terminators, they're okay. I have a full unit of 10 myself and I play with them often, but they're just nothing to shout home about.
In previous editions yes, but now that each one has double the number of wounds from last edition, I'd beg to differ.

Originally Posted by theraidenproject View Post
But it's a question of points efficiency.
Shouldnt it be a question of points efficiency, use, flexibility, durability, and variation?

Because if you just look at it from the points and nothing else, then the land raider is not worth it. But when you keep in mind those two twin lascannons and the fact that not only can they both fire at full effect even if the land raider moves, but each twin lascannon can fire at a different target in the shooting phase, that does change things. You can potentially kill/cripple two targets in a single turn.

Originally Posted by theraidenproject View Post
The most I could see is bumping it to a 2/5.
You already rated it a 2/5

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Seriously, is it really that hard to write reviews without spoilers?

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