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Thanks for the feedback!

Regarding the first point, on different scorings.... honestly I just never considered using an asterisk. Which in hindsight, seems extremely obvious. I'm on my phone right now, but I'll be sure to do that shortly.

Regarding poxwalkers/cultists the point there was that because you can't have say, world eaters poxwalkers, people who are playing these more thematic or mono god armies, or that simply really don't want to play anything from death guard, they don't have access to poxwalkers.

So for these individuals who can't take them or dislike nurgle, cultists are really solid. For more serious players who aren't concerned with that sort of thing, then poxwalkers became an immediate winner. Hopefully that clears that up.

Regarding terminators, and their 3 scores:

some people are going to try to do termicide like from ages past. Not only is this easier to play around then in current editions, but it's almost 3x as expensive.
Especially given that raptors exist and can
mostly do the same thing, termicide is dead.

If you're bringing terminators to just bring terminators, they're okay. I have a full unit of 10 myself and I play with them often, but they're just nothing to shout home about.

They become rather silly regarding the warptime power, however. So do raptors, which I haven't got to yet. But it's plausible to tie up 2-3 units and gun down another with a full squad and the use of warptime to
position then almost point blank to the enemy army. This won't work every game, and can be played around, so it's not a 5/5, but it's damn effective for what you pay for, and worth the 4/5 in my book. I recommend also taking a terminator lord for the re rolls. This isn't strictly necessary, and could be shaved to thin points, but the sorcerer is what makes the unit seriously threaten tearing open an entire backline.

Finally as to the land raider.
Yeah it's a brick, and it does spit 4 las cannons at decent bs even when on the move. And it's a transport to boot.

But it's a question of points efficiency.
I suppose if you really need a durable 10 man transport and some las cannons it's okay. But it's steep. If you just need firepower you can take 2x5 havocs with 4 las each. And as you pointed out, you can get 5 rhinos for one raider. Now that all transports are assault friendly, I'm just not sold on its price point. The most I could see is bumping it to a 2/5.
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