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Personally, while I think its a kick-ass effort and can't wait to see your thoughts on some of the other units in the codex. I can't help but wonder why in regards to some of the decisions you made.

Firstly, and most importantly, is multiple ratings for the same unit. I understand that with something like the chaos lord, as an example, there are 6-7 variations to consider and each one does deserve its own rating, but why are you making things confusing by including your rating at the start of units like that? Make it something like */5 with the simple explanation that units with that have multiple variations that have different ratings.

When it comes to units like terminators or cultists though, your multiple ratings are extremely confusing. Cultists are bad if you compare them to poxwalkers but are pretty good if you don't? Terminators are a terrible termicide unit, despite the fact that combi weapons are no longer single use, each terminator has two wounds, and comes with a power weapon of some kind; however get a lord and sorcerer near them and they are great? (I get them not being point efficient as raptors when used as a suicide unit, however terminators are far more survivable than raptors.)

Second, I understand that certain things are more expensive point wise, like the land raider, but at times it looks like your writing those things off solely based on the points. Using the land raider, yes it is expensive (five times the cost of a rhino) but there is a reason for that price.

The land raider has over a dozen wounds with T8 and a +2 save while toting 4 lascannon shots that do not suffer a penalty for moving. Thats the potential to wipe out pretty much any vehicle or large creature/walker in a single turn.

Like I said before, just my thoughts because otherwise it looks great overall.

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