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Default Battman's adeptus mechanicus

Not much today, very slow work. Slept most of the day, off work with the flu or something similar .

After then did a little on the new box i decided to get, after so long with the orks, I thought to make a little skirmish force of adeptus mechanicus the first of this is a small squad of kataphon battle servitors.

Spent most of the time with the greenstuff and a pile of magnets trying to make all of the options available to them.

Second thing was getting the airbrush out again. First a quick base coat over it all with the grey primer then a quick coat of black. So far cleaning the airbrush takes the longest more then the painting itself. Which is certainly the idea of the airbrush, detail by hand everything else by the airbrush.

More to come. Probably mixed in with the ork work in Da golden waaagh

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Da Golden Waaagh!

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Dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka BATORK!!!
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