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Question Heavy Weapons Teams on Firing Decks

I've only just skimmed the FAQ and the first couple of pages here on the forum for an answer to this, so let me know if I missed this already getting answered.

Using the Doomhammer as an example of the firing deck rule and the Transport rule, they are worded as:

"Up to 10 models being transported by a Doomhammer can shoot in their shooting phase...

... Each heavy weapons team or veteran heavy weapons team takes the space of two other models...

Given that the transport rule only says that weapon teams "take the space" of two models, do they count as one for the ten model shooting limit? The Doomhammer has a transport capacity of 25, so is there anything stopping me from putting three heavy weapon squads and a command squad with ten lascannons on it and firing all ten lascannons?

I'm definitely not planning on pulling that kind of move any time soon, but I'm curious. Getting a feel for things in the new edition etc.

Also hi.
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