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Default Asteron, the King of the Savons

Asteron once ruled over a small kingdom called Savon, located in what is now known as the Border Princes. After his death, he was buried in a mighty tomb wearing full ceremonial armour alongside the enchanted sword he used to defeat the Ork Warboss that challenged his kingdom. In the years since the Kingdom of the Savons has fallen to history, and all that remains of the mighty keep is rubble and ruins.

On her march north, Countess Verde came across the ruins and could sense the power that was kept at bay by the ancient runes and protective spells. The Countess broke open the ancient seals and used her powers to resurrect the dead within, enslaving Asteron to her will.

Suffused with Dark Magic, Asteron’s weapons shimmer with baleful energy. The mighty Wight King serves as one of the Countess’ most powerful minions and often leads the charge, either on foot or on his mighty undead steed,

Whilst painting Asteron I wanted to use the traditional colours I have used across my army to bind him to them, but I also wanted to make him stand out as a special character. As a result, I painted him with plenty of gold and rich colours such as vibrant purple and warm reds.

Check out my Project Log: Forbidden Colours!

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