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Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
First off, there's still Blood Angels in the 8th edition story line. Second off, GW have stated via their community involvement that geneseed flaws still effect Primaris marines. Third, and most importantly...

What the actual fuck is going on with the timeline of these events? Baal was almost lost when the Rift blew the galaxy open and Guilliman showed up soon enough to save the day. GW mentioned that time was passing strangely around the Rift, the only way it currently makes sense to me is if weeks passed for Baal where years passed for the Crusade.

More questions than answers, considering anyone who read (even a synopsis of) Dante and knows of Guy Haley's follow up knew Baal was about to get nommed on by the Nids.
Yeah, timebending is the only explanation to how Baal could have survived long enough for the Indomitus Crusade to actually reach them. Guiliman must have been crusading for quite a while to reach the Baal area. But I suspect its in part because of the daemonic ritual enacted by Ka'bandha to truly PUSH Baal ahead in time while they gobbled up the tyranid reinforcements. Ka'bandha must be -desperate- to claim the Blood Angels, or at least ensuring they can be claimed to resort to such unkhornate like schemes of warp sorcery. But I guess they can justify it to themselves by fueling it with the death and skulls of the tyranids to prepare new up and comming servants of the blood god.

Hrm.....I wonder now. Could the Blood Angels actually be set to truly fall? There was after all the rumor of a loyalist primarch going renegade, and a renegade getting redeemed.
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