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Default The Fate of Baal fluff

Caught these bits over on B&C
So the Blood Angels have escaped their imminent doom. And Guiliman have come to save the day with the Indomitus Crusade. But more ominous, the presence of Ka'Bandha. It is strongly speculated in B&C discussion that Ka'Bandha went into the fray to 'save' the Blood Angels, because he did not want Khorne's Prize to be gobbled up by the 'nids, and gave them a stay of execution so they could properly fall to the madness in their blood in the future.

So it looks like the Blood Angels have won a reprieve for now, and will be staying on Baal after all. But a question lingers. Has Baal been moved to another place in the galaxy, or did the Indomitus Crusade get warped into the Dark Imperium because of the Great Rift appearing?

Also, -FIVE- chapter masters dead? Im pretty sure Gabriel Seth is not one of them, too ornery and mean to let mere tyranids do him in.

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