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Default A work in progress: Mounted Wight King

Whilst I work on a back story and take some better quality pictures of my mounted Wight King I thought I would make a quick post showing how I made him.

So I started with the Mannfred von Carstein model and removed his head and arms. Plus the spirits coming out of the cape, which I then used to make Mara. I then stuck the horse together, having to use greenstuff to fill in the gaps because fail cast

I then tried to remove the bats on his cape, very fitting for a vampire, not so much for a wight king. To cover up the mess I made I green stuffed some more fur onto his cape, to match what was there.

I wanted my Wight King to fit the in with the Tomb Kings vibe my army is going for so I gave him a suitable crown. I used a tomb kings skeleton’s head fitted inside a banner to create a crown. I had to use some more green stuff to give him a fur collar to cover up the mess left over from the old head. And a suitably cool-looking sword arm, from the Tomb Kings skeleton set, fit perfectly.

I used a regular skeleton’s shield arm for his left arm and again I had to hide where I removed Mannfred's arm before with some more greenstuff. I used a tomb king's shield for him, but I didn’t attach it until I finished painting. I then finally attached him to his mighty steed, tidied up the joint and started painting.

Check out my Project Log: Forbidden Colours!

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