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Ive been thinking, this new crusade in progress looks to definitely be pushing the timeline past 999m40 at last. So I think its pretty much a given that the floodgates for timeadvancement will be thrown wide open in 8th edition. Especially once authors shifts to churn out stories set post Gathering Storm and the arrival of the Cicatrix Maledictum. A grand event for a new era.

Will GW be transitioning to Warhammer 41k soon or just capping it to Warhammer? Since Warhammer Fantasy is dead and gone and replaced with Age of Sigmar.
That draws another amusing paralel. Guiliman and the Primaris, giving it as Sigmar and the Stormcast comming to help the beleaguered Mortal Realms. At least they didnt wait as long as Sigmar did. Striking out while theres still significant leftovers to save.

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