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Originally Posted by Lord of the Night View Post
New Marines aren't really new. It's the exact same idea that Corax had in the HH novel series, improve on the Big E's design to create a caste of enhanced Space Marines. He called them Raptors and while yes they were in general faster and stronger than the average Space Marine, that was only a baseline. An above average or exceptional individual (Ventris, Dante, Lysander, etc) probably won't be outclassed by them, while even the idea of average is up to interpretation. These new marines don't even seem that much better in-game, yes they are a touch more durable in some ways but as the feature on them says they aren't immune to stuff that say a Terminator would be. Just because the Primaris are improved on the original idea doesn't make them infinitely better, it just means that on average a Primaris will be able to surpass the effort of a regular marine, but none of that accounts for the personal skill or heroism of either individual or for the circumstances or context of the conflict around them.

Liking the artwork and the design behind these Primaris boys, we'll see how the 40k universe reacts to them when they make their grand debut. I imagine some Chapters will love them (Ultramarines, Salamanders, Imperial Fists), some will be ambivalent (Iron Hands, White Scars) and some will be outright hostile (Space Wolves, Dark Angels). Only time will tell.

I was just coming on to point out the Raven Guard thing from the Horus Heresy. *shakes fist in general direction pointlessly* You just had to go and beat me to it. And now I'm wondering about kit-bashing these guys into Raven Guard Raptors.

Anyways, how resistant the Wolves and the Dark Angels are I think depends on if this is a case of here you go have some dudes vs. here is an awesome new technique to get fast reinforcements that are tougher and stronger. You know, how they spin it in the fluffy fluff. The Wolves will probably be grudgingly receptive to both at this point and the DA will be resistant to new dudes thrust into their ranks, not wanting to share their secrets and all. If, however, its simply the technique than they might be more open to the idea.

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