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Interesting to me is some of the indicated point shifts, the smallest of which actually worries me.

A basic Tactical Marine is 13 points now. That was 14. Quite frankly, I'd hoped they'd take the opportunity to multiply all the previous edition's points by at least 2 so they could add some better granularity for troops and call 4000 the new 'normal' points total.

Instead we're continuing the race to the bottom.

The costs of that 5 man Tactical Squad has been steadily ticking down. It was 90 points in 5th, 70 in 7th, it's now going to be 5 x 13 = 65. Which is the cost of units like Dire Avengers which can't take the Tacticals in a fair fight, so THOSE will have to be dropped in price, and so on... And because there's just not that many positive integers under 13 we get things sharing the same points cost that really, really shouldn't.

On an aside, it looks like Grav took a nerf bat hit.

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